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Specialized Services

SEC is commited to providing the white glove service you expect. Below are the services we offer for your home or business.

Orlando Home Theater

Orlando Home Theater Installation is the mainstay of Specialized Electronics. Since 1992 we have crafted hundreds of amazing home theaters thru-out Central Florida. Our system designers use years of experience to evaluate your room's unique features; from the size and shape of the room, to the room's ambient light and acoustic properties, to the rooms purposes and furniture arrangements. Each room is unique and our system designs are unique to our clients and the room.

Enjoy the latest custom theater technology in the comfort of your own home. Whether your taste ranges from front-end projection systems to introductory surround sound systems; Specialized Electronics can accommodate your needs. With an installation crew having over 35 years of combined experience, we are masters at hiding wires and integrating your new system into the décor of the room.

Whole House Audio

A custom designed Whole House Audio System can compliment your lifestyle by offering distributed music throughout your home. Select from systems that allow each room to choose their favorite source of music such as an iPod or XM radio. Each room can be set to its own individual volume, bass and treble levels, and have complete control of the system components. Speakers and equipment are chosen to seamlessly disappear, and work with the room' s décor. Whole House Audio Systems are also a wonderful value added feature to any home.

Whole House Audio - Specialized Electronics

Adding custom home theater, multi-room audio, or automation is a wonderful investment that will add to the enjoyment and value of your dream home. But an investment of this size shouldn't be trusted to just any company. That's why you should consider a CEDIA certified member. CEDIA certified companies have met vigorous industry standards and have been formally educated and specially trained. These are critical steps to ensure that your investment in your home is not wasted. In addition, CEDIA member companies have agreed to the CEDIA Code of Ethics, perhaps the most highly regarded standard in the Electronic Lifestyles® industry.

Structured Wiring - Speciailzed Electronics

Is your home wired for the latest cutting edge technology? Pre-Wiring or upgrading your home with a structured wiring system can prepare your home for future technologies. A well designed Structured Wiring System can provide distributed high speed internet, computer networking, telephone, high definition video and audio, satellite and cable capabilities while maintaining maximum flexibility to grow.

Central Vacum

Keep your home cleaner with a Central Vacuum System. Traditional vacuum cleaners allow too much dust and allergens to be recirculated back into the living environment. Central Vacuum systems remove dirt, debris and allergens through custom installed tubing to the main Vacuum Canister located in the garage. The dirt is trapped in a high efficiency bag and exhaust air is piped out side the home. With increased power and reduced noise, you can efficiently clean your home quieter and easier. Use the conveniently located inlet on the main canister to clean the inside of your vehicle. For uncarpeted areas use the recessed dustpans for easy on the spot cleanup. Let a Central Vacuum System help make your life healthier and your home cleaner.

Video Surveillance for Home and Business

Monitor the person at your front door before you open it. View activities in the pool or look in on your sleeping baby from the kitchen TV. Check in on your home while on vacation from any computer with Internet access. This is all possible with one of our custom designed Surveillance Systems.  We offer Night Vision cameras and covert cameras that look like motion detectors or even smoke detectors. Digitally record the activities around your home and have them stored for several weeks, giving you the opportunity to look back at an event that you may not have realized happened until days later. Surveillance Systems are a very powerful tool to add to your homes Security System and your peace of mind.

Access Systems - Card Readers - Biometrics

Protect expensive inventory and equipment from misuse, theft and environmental dangers with control systems designed to keep up with changing business needs. No matter how small you start or how large you grow, Specialized Electronics's expandable business security solutions are designed with integration and flexibility in mind.

Lighting Control Systems

Explore the convenience of a Whole House Lighting Control System. Check the status of all the lighting fixtures, and manage them from anywhere in your home with the simple touch of a cordless remote.  Create various lighting scenes and groups throughout your home for activities such as parties and entertaining. Lights can be set to automatically come on when you enter a room and turn off minutes after you have left. Lights can also be set to flash during an Alarm event. Control the lights in your theater room by using one of our state of the art touch screen remotes. Save light bulbs and energy by using dimmer switches programmed to 90%. Systems are completely customizable to control one room or the whole house. Lighting Control Systems can enhance your life style and help conserve energy while saving you money!

Lighting Control Systems Orlando FL
Lighting Control Systems Orlando FL
Lighting Control Systems Orlando FL
Lighting Control Systems Orlando FL
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Security for Home and Business

Security Systems are a very important feature to your home because not only do they detect intrusion, but they can detect smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and more. Having your system monitored 24 hours a day by our UL listed state of the art monitoring station provides quick response to any occurrence. Protect your family and home with a state of the art Security system designed and installed by Specialized Electronics.

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