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Specialized Products

Since the establishment of Specialized Electronics in 1992, we have narrowed our product line to include only the best selection of manufacturers in order to offer you the most outstanding value, performance and features available in today’s market. If you're Central Florida home is ready to an amazing upgrade, contact us today to learn more!

Home Theater Products

  • Home Theater Receivers: Denon

The receiver is the centerpiece of your home theater. This device connects all of the various components including the HD cable box or satellite, Blu-Ray DVD player and video gaming systems to the high definition display, while providing digital audio connections for music sources such as an iPod dock, CD player, satellite radio and more. The internal amplifiers of the home theater receiver provide the necessary distortion-free power for the speaker systems.

  • Video Projectors: Sharp, Infocus, Seleco, JVC

Video projectors provide crystal-clear high definition video on a large scale. Today’s modern video projectors are compact, quiet and capable of displaying multiple resolutions including 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

  • Film Screens: Stewart Film Screens, Draper

Film Screens provide the perfect surface to reflect the video image supplied by the projector. Manufacturers offer a variety of surfaces to choose from based on the projector selected for the application. Fixed or motorized retractable screen sizes are available from 90” to 135” and beyond.

  • Speaker Systems: James Loudspeaker, Monitor Audio, PSB Speakers, KEF, Niles Audio, Polk Audio

Speaker manufacturers are providing numerous solutions for all of your audio technology needs.  From background music to hi-fidelity home theater, solutions include in-wall and in-ceiling recessed mounted speakers, motorized retractable in-ceiling speakers, on-wall flat panel speakers, dipole/bipole surround speakers, bookshelf speakers and tower speakers.

  • DVD and CD Management Systems: Escient

Media management systems allow you to conveniently organize and access your DVD, CD, and iPod libraries. Browse, locate, and play any DVD, CD, or song in your entire collection while using the on-screen graphical user interface. You will no longer worry about misplaced discs.

  • Equipment Racks, Flat Panel Decorative Concealing Furniture and Frames: Middle Atlantic, BDI, Cabinet Tronix, Media Décor, Frame My TV

Specialized Electronics offers a variety of solutions for housing audio and video equipment. Our selections include hand-made fashionable pop-up TV furniture, equipment racks, flat panel motorized art frames and home theater furniture.

  • Lighting Control: Lutron

Be in complete control of the lighting in your home theater from a hand held remote or in-wall touch panel. Create various lighting scenes to enhance your home theater’s ambience.

  • Remote Controls and Automation: Crestron, Remote Technologies Inc.,

The remote control is the interface between the home theater components and the user. We offer a selection of automated remote controls that eliminate the need for multiple devices and provide one touch operation. Each remote control is custom programmed to provide ease of operation while maximizing component performance. Radio frequency technology eliminates the need to point the remote control and enhances automation.

  • Home Theater Seating Acoustic Treatments and Accessories: Bass Industries, Acoustic Innovations, Kinetics Noise Control, Acoustical Solutions, Dynamat

Specialized Electronics provides you with home theater seating to fit your room’s décor. Our selection allows you to choose from many different furniture styles, colors and fabric varieties. We carry a wide assortment of home theater accessories such as marquis signs, movie posters and frames, fiber optic ceilings, popcorn machines, ticket booths and custom built risers to create stadium-style seating.

  • Cable and Connectors: Audioquest, PROconnect, Isotec Wire

Cables and connectors are the link between components and the quality of the audio and video being produced by the equipment. We ensure to use the finest interconnects and materials to custom make our cables.

  • Flat Panel Displays: Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Sunbrite

Flat panel displays offer a polished look and feel to your room space as they provide the ability to mount or hang in any corner of a room. Chose from plasma, LCD or LED technologies. We offer the leading manufacturers and will help guide in your selection to the perfect display for your room. Flat panel displays can be mounted under a cabinet in the kitchen, behind a mirror in the bathroom, in a decorative art frame in the family room, outdoors on the patio or any place you may choose.

Whole House Audio - Specialized Electronics

  • Music Distribution and Amplifiers: Creston, Niles Audio, Xantech and Denon

Specialized Electronics will design a whole house audio system to provide the best music quality throughout your home. System designs range from simple music distribution with room volume controls to the ability to listen to a different source in each room such as iPod in the office and satellite radio on the patio.

  • Speaker Systems: Niles, PSB Speakers

We offer whole house audio speakers that come in many different sizes and acoustic abilities. In-ceiling or in-wall speakers can be flush-mounted and painted to virtually disappear into any room’s décor. We have chosen manufacturers that utilize high quality materials and provide rich audio and long service life.

  • Automation and Control: Creston, Niles, Remote Technologies, Inc.

Imagine a touch panel control that allows you to navigate your iPod or satellite radio from any room in the house. Chose from in-wall or hand-held color graphical user interfaces to see song, artist, title and radio stations while having complete control of the system components.

Structured Wiring - Speciailzed Electronics

  • Structured Wiring Panels and Modules: On-Q Legrand, Channel Vision, CE Labs

The structured wiring panel is where all the services from outside the house enter and are distributed throughout the home.  These services include telephone, internet, cable TV and DSS satellite. The house wiring gathers at a central location, facilitating changes and future configurations.

  • Structured Cable Manufacturers: Audio Quest, Isotec, Keystone, Genesis, Structured Cable Products

High quality, high speed cables run from the structured wiring panel to various connection points throughout the home.

  • Outlet Plates: Leviton and Cooper “Aspire”

Outlet plates provide the final connection from the outside services to your equipment. These plates come in many styles and colors to compliment your home’s décor. Outlet plates are fully personalized and provide easy connections.

Central Vacum

  • Vacuum Canisters and Accessories: Linear (M&S Systems), Nutone, Dirt Devil

Most of us vacuum with the standard moveable unit, but have you ever thought of installing a central vacuum system in your home? Central vacuum systems are becoming more common. According to CentralVacuum.com, a central vacuum system can cost less than a high-end moveable vacuum and can add around $2,000 to your home's resale value.

We design our central vacuum systems for total home coverage. Vacuum canisters are available in many sizes to accommodate your home’s square footage. Accessory kits provide solutions for cleaning all types of floor coverings.

Video Surveillance for Home and Business

  • Digital Video Recorder: Everfocus, Dedicated Micros

Digital video recorders allow the user to record and archive video from all cameras connected to it. With the built-in hard drive, you may store and playback high quality images or transfer to a USB Drive for portability. Choose DVR’s with built-in DVD burners for quick and simple long-term storage of recorded events. These units also allow the user complete control of all functions remotely, including live viewing and playback of recordings all from your PC via the network or internet.

  • Cameras: Speco, Pelco, Panasonic, GE Security, Sperry West, Honeywell

Our diverse selection of video cameras provides a solution for any application, such as covert cameras that appear to be smoke detectors to low-light infrared cameras providing their own illumination.

Access Systems - Card Readers - Biometrics

  • Building Access Control Systems: IEI (International Electronics, Inc.), Locknetics, Securitron, Bosch, Honeywell, Hess

The frontline of a building’s security system are its locks. Building access control systems manage electronic locks through the use of prox cards, numeric keypads, schedules and remote access.

Lighting Control Systems

  • Lighting Control: Lutron

Control the lighting in your entire house from a hand-held remote or in-wall touch panel. Create lighting scenes for events such as parties and vacations or daily situations such as setting up security for safety measures. Lighting control offers automation, convenience, energy savings, longer lamp life, and eliminates multiple unsightly light switches.

Security for Home and Business

  • Security Panels and Keypads: DSC, GE Security

The security panel is the main processor of the security system. It provides intrusion and fire detection devices such as smoke and heat detectors, motion detectors, glass break detectors, infrared beams and window and door contacts. This processor interprets the signals and activates sirens while alerting the central station.

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